"Welcome Home"

Your daily accommodation fee covers:

A fully furnished bedroom within a fully furnished house, especially designed to meet the latest disability and dementia care guidelines. We have combined the care and safety features of traditional nursing homes into a very non-traditional aged care environment.

The room includes a king single electric adjustable bed, high quality pressure relieving mattress, bedside table with lockable drawers and a built-in wardrobe.

Our basic accommodation package includes:

  1. All linen

  2. All standard laundering of both linen and personal clothing

  3. Cleaning

  4. Maintenance

  5. Unlimited wireless internet

  6. Wall mounted television in bedroom + large screen televisions in loungerooms

  7. Foxtel television package in social areas

  8. Google home mini

  9. A range of toiletries including soap, shampoo, conditioner etc

  10. Heating & cooling

  11. All electricity, gas and utilities


“The Sky’s the Limit”

Our care and services offering is completely customisable and only limited by your imagination. If its possible in Australia, then it’s possible at Community Home Australia.

From a night out at the theatre to fully customised medical equipment, we can arrange it all.

  1. Individual therapy sessions

  2. 1:1 activities or special events

  3. A trip to the movies

  4. Meals with the family

  5. A weekend BBQ

  6. Multilingual television or movies

  7. Attending your weekly church service

  8. The football or cricket at Manaka Oval

Community Home Australia is your private concierge that can arrange anything to meet your
needs, wants and desires.

This is what Aged Care Your Way is all about.


As a not for profit charitable organisation, we are not out to make huge sums of money and started this project as a social enterprise to help Older Australians find the care they need and avoid traditional institutional aged care facilities.

We don’t have a huge back office or marketing team to support and don’t pay our directors and executives obscene amounts of money to sit in an office. We build lasting relationships with local organisations and service providers to ensure we get quality goods and services at the best price. By keeping operations lean and investing in efficient technologies, we can keep our fees and charges as low as possible.

Our transparent flat fees allow you to plan your life forward:

  1. We don’t increase your fees as your care needs increase.

  2. We don’t charge huge upfront lump sum amounts to gain access to our homes

For overnight guests we have three very simple fees that enable us to provide what we do:

  1. A daily accommodation fee

  2. A daily care fee

  3. A flat, fixed 5% administration fee

For day therapy program guests, we have just one fee:

  1. A daily attendance fee (which includes the program, meals and drinks)

For guests funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, all fees and charges are levied in line with the NDIS Price Guide at the time of service delivery.

We encourage all potential guests to seek independent financial advice so their personal circumstances can be taken into consideration