Welcome to Community Home Australia

Let's face it ... Nobody wants to go into an aged care 'nursing home'. No personal space, little privacy, a revolving door of staff that don't know you and having to fit in with large numbers of other people.

For those with income or assets, the government now expects a significant contribution from you that provides you with no additional benefit. You get the same as everyone else and this can be several hundreds of dollars a day just because you have worked hard and saved your money.

Care in your home is a great alternative for some but research shows even if you are lucky enough to receive assistance, the increased levels of social isolation can be detrimental and the hours of assistance provided under government programs can be limited leaving you alone for hours and without the support you need.

There is another way ... Aged Care Your Way.

Our home, in your community with the care and services you choose. No sharing with one hundred
others, no institutional surroundings ... a family home with beautiful gardens and around the clock
care in the community you love.

We work with every guest and their family to tailor care and services to meet your needs. No compromises. No rules. You want it? We will supply it for you.

Unlike traditional aged care providers, we don't employ large numbers of head office staff and instead put all our resources into providing our guests with the best aged care experience possible. We provide small scale, personalised care that meets the individual needs of each guest. You are not just another number. Our mission is to transform how aged care services are delivered by providing opportunities for healthy and purposeful living and care 24/7 in your local community.

We don’t require enormous lump sum bonds to enter nor do we increase your fees as your care needs increase. We charge a flat rate of 5% for administration fees – the lowest in the sector. Our fees and charges are completely transparent and will remain the same for the whole of your stay with us.

Nutritious and varied meals - no nursing home food here! We cook food fresh each day and have negotiated deals with local cafes and restaurants so you choose the cuisine and order what you like on special days.

We are a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing care and services where you live. We are not beholden to large religious organisations, companies or shareholders - we partner with you to provide the care and services you want. This benefits not just our residents and clients, but also their families, our staff, and the greater community.